Organic Ethiopian Coffee Importer & Roaster

Kabod Coffee Specialty Coffee Roasters | Denver, Colorado, USA

Farm-to-Cup Single Source Coffee

Kabod Coffee Roasters is an organic and fair trade roaster based in Denver, Colorado. We are dedicated to the pursuit of the highest quality sustainable coffee. Through collaboration with our farming communities and our customers, we foster sustainability in all its dimensions from crop to cup. Our goal is to personalize the connection from coffee grower to consumer.

Kabod Coffee recognizes the importance of supporting and sustaining the people who grow coffee as well as the regions where it is grown. In keeping with our goal of education, Kabod Coffee has made a personal commitment to learn about and understand our coffee, the land it grows on and the hardworking farmers behind it. Through careful selection of beans and skillful roasting practices, we create unique and fresh roasts that capture the essence of healthy lands and passionate farmers far away.

By purchasing Fair Trade Coffee we are all supporting hardworking farmers and their families, promoting cross-cultural relationships, advocating for sustainable farming practices and supporting communities worldwide.