Northfield Commons Evicts Locally-Owned Kabod Coffee After Coercing Owners in Favor of Larger Chain Prospective Tenants


Denver, CO - Kabod Coffee, a Denver based woman-owned specialty coffee roaster was forced to shutter its Northfield Commons coffee shop located at 9165 Northfield Boulevard following Eviction pursued by the shopping plaza owner 1046 Munras Properties, LP (Munras), even though Kabod Coffee was current on its rent payments.  Munras wanted changes to their Lease Agreement to allow larger chain competitors into the same shopping plaza; changes that would put Kabod Coffee’s investment at significant risk.

A Covid-19 related staffing shortage caused the Temporary Closure of the store in February 2022.  Within days of Kabod Coffee’s Temporary Closure, the landlord moved quickly to evict Kabod Coffee, ostensibly because of the Temporary Closure.  However, at the same time Munras insisted that Kabod Coffee accept changes to their Lease Terms to allow larger chain competitors to compete with Kabod Coffee and injure its investment in the community.

Northfield Commons’ owners moved forward with their lawsuit for Eviction against Kabod Coffee in order to gain more leverage as they repeatedly continued to coerce Kabod Coffee to submit to the new Lease Terms allowing for direct competitors at Northfield Commons.

Kabod Coffee has never missed a Lease Payment, but the landlord moves to Evict and plans to sue Kabod Coffee for future rent after the Eviction even though Kabod’s owner was current on rent, has promised to pay the rent and begged Munras to give Kabod Coffee more time to reopen.

In Northfield Commons owner’s continued efforts to coerce Kabod Coffee, they pursued Eviction while saying Kabod Coffee could have additional time to reopen, but only if Kabod Coffee would submit to direct competition.

Kabod Coffee has never missed a single Lease Payment and has always intended to serve the Northfield community for a long time to come even through the uncertain times of the pandemic.  “Although we were forced to close our doors, we would never give in to unethical business practices or coercion of any kind.  We look forward to reopening in the neighborhood at a new location where the landlord upholds the same high standards in business that we believe in and will support small locally-owned businesses.” Says Muluye Hailemariam, owner of Kabod Coffee.

For more information about Kabod Coffee, visit where you can order specialty single-source 100% organic coffee roasted in Denver, Colorado delivered straight to your door or visit us at our Denver International Airport Locations in the Main Terminal and B Concourse.



Roman Perez

Media Liaison


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